First of all: a very happy new year to you.

We hope you have not forgotten the Finnish couple with whom
You were a week early November from Exeter River Lodge to
Johannesburg via Thonga Beach Lodge, Swaziland, Shakaland
and Drakensberg.

We have now finished our tour “around the world” and been at home
over a week trying to adjust to the normal life.

We really enjoyed the week with you and appreciate all the information
And assistance you gave us. Especially the “Hakuna Mhatata” has been
Very useful in many instances!

It would be nice to her from you and if – at any time – you’re planning
To make a trip to Europe (even to Finland!) please, let us know so we
Can come and meet you..

With best regards from both of us
Pirjo (Heikkilä) and Pertti (Jokela)