15 Oct 2009

Make South Africa your next touring destination

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Ever visited South Africa? It is a wonderful country with breathtakingly beautiful scenery, amazing wild life and a community of various ethnic groups living together. The people of South Africa share a rich culture and take great pains in passing it to the next generations.

South Africa is one country where dreams turn to reality. It is where nature is at its best. It showcases the ancient African heritage to its maximum. The cultural experiences of the South African community are definitely going to impress you a lot. The music, the wild life, the natural beauty and the friendly people are enough to make you dance in ecstasy to the tune of drums; the African drums.

What to Visit in South Africa?

South Africa has a lot to offer. It has mountains, safari parks, wonderful beaches and all you can imagine. Here are a few of the options.

Perhaps South Africa’s greatest assets are its 21 conservation areas or national parks, where you can watch the wild life in its natural habitat freely. It is surely going to be a memorable experience. Some of the more important national parks are as follows:

Addo Elephant National Park: It is a well known place to watch the elephants closely in their natural environment. And it gets better than this. You can see some great whales and white sharks as well. Talk about diversity!!!

Tankwa Karoo National Park: Located in the Northern Cape, it is a wonderful place to be if you wish to move away from crowds and enjoy nature at its best.

Mountain Zebra National Park: It is located in the Eastern Cape. As its name suggests, it is the conservation park for zebras, but not any kind of zebras. These are special zebras particularly adaptable to the mountainous area.

Camdeboo National Park: Located in the Eastern Cape, it is comparatively newer and this park showcases South Africa’s true heritage really well.

Golden Gate Highlands National Park: It is ideal for bird and animal watching as well as for adventuring.

The Garden Route: Covering an area of about 600 km from Cape Town, the garden route is home to several towns and villages, farms and wineries and is the ideal place to view the South African community at its best. Friendly and extremely hospitable, they are going to make a lasting impression on you.

Kruger National Park: Home to pride of South Africa, elephants, rhinos, buffalos, lions and leopards, Also knows as the Big 5. This park is all for the nature lovers.

Table Mountain: Table Mountain is probably the most wonderful scenes of South Africa; a place not to be missed.

South African People

The most important of all assets of South Africa are its people. People from various tribes live together in harmony. Zulu, Xhosa, Mapungubwe, Venda, Shangaan, Ndebele, Swazi and the San, these are the famous tribes of South Africa. The South African people are not only proud of their heritage; they are possessive about it and take great efforts in preserving it. Their friendliness and hospitality are their greatest virtues.

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